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History of the project

The project of creating a digital index, concordance or lexicon of the Latin artes Grammaticae was first launched in 1975 by Nino Marinone, professor of the History of the Latin language at the University of Turin, in cooperation with his colleague Valeria Lomanto, and Andrea Bozzi, researcher at the Istituto di Linguistica computazionale (ILC-CNR) in Pisa. The tool was designed to give researchers an in-depth access to the texts and to be a support for new critical editions: a formalization of the grammarians’ language and a systematic collation of the parallel passages were thus realized. The actual, expanded version of this project, granting free on-line access to the entire corpus, has been made possible by a three-year funding granted by the French National Research Agency (ANR JC 2006-2009), the support of the Intitut Universitaire de France and Sorbonne Université (Projet Émergence 2019-2020 and Initiative Sciences de l’Antiquité), with the collaboration of Clément Plancq and Franck Cinato at the Laboratoire d’Histoire des Théories Linguistiques (HTL – UMR 7597), and of Manuela Callipo at Sorbonne Université. The project is directed by Alessandro Garcea (Sorbonne Université) and Valeria Lomanto (University of Turin).

To cite this edition: Alessandro Garcea and Valeria Lomanto eds, Corpus Grammaticorum Latinorum. A Digital Edition, Paris 2022