Thesaurus Glossariorum

The Treasure of glossaries

A History of the Oldest European Latin Glossaries

[A sample: May 2020]

This website results from a sample made by F. Cinato and S. Mpouli during the 2020 ERC Consolidator Grant application.

It is based on the alphabetical section BA of the CGL Index Volume 6:
G. Goetz (ed.), Thesaurus glossarum emendatarum. Pars prior [A-N], Leipzig.

In addition to 19 monolingual glossaries already published, the Thesaurus glossariorum contains 17 unpublished glossaries (see list here).

To find a word, type in the search box below or open the "Browse" page.

The page "Sources" lists all the glossaries used in this sample, with indications about the date and location of their oldest witnesses. In the future, theTheGLOSS website will be linked to online catalogues providing scientific descriptions of the manuscripts studied.

The page "Trees" offers a provisional insight to the trees samples already produced in collaboration with Pierre Darlu (Directeur de recherche émérite, CNRS, UMR 7206 Eco-anthropologie / Musée de l'Homme).

A preliminary edition of the alphabetical section CA for Abavus minor and maior as well as concordance tables can be found under "Addendum-CA."

Last updated: 05/2020